Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Liquid Euphoria - Bliss

So this is Bliss! Apparently dupey to Clarins 230 (aka the pee of the unicorn). It is truly beautiful, but I am giving it away to my dear friend miss kittentoes.

This is 1 coat of Bliss over top of OPI Can You Dig It? with no topcoat.

I love that the shimmer shifts from pink to orange to green. It can be a bit tricky to catch on camera.

In overcast lighting or indoor lighting you have to hold your hands at very specific angles in very specific positions to get the fabulous colour shift. In the full sun.. it's pretty special though ;o) Unfortunately the day I took these pics there was minimal sun outside.

I used a bit of the Bliss and mixed it into my 230 franken, which was at the time a mixture of Urban Decay Burnout, Milani Totally Cool, a bit of CND Ice Blue Shimmer and some random purple Icing colour. Here it is over top of OPI Can You Dig It?

Blurry = awesome!

Franken is also going to kittentoes and she will make it all into beauty-full jewels! She has a wicked tutorial on her makeupalley profile if you were interested in dabbling yourself. Pin It


  1. man, this one is so gorgeous too >.< KT well def make some stunning jewelery with this one!