Monday, June 27, 2011

Liquid Euphoria - Elated

I found this in a dusty a few months ago. I asked if I could buy it and the owner said no :( I boohooed on the board about it and pushed the pain out of my heart. A few days after starting my new job I thought.. I am going back! This time I made an offer. Always offer never ask! I came home 3 Liquid Euphorias richer, and today I am going to show you Elated.

This is 1 coat over Wet & Wild Black Creme with no topcoat. Sorry for my ugmo cleanup :\

In full sun it is sparkly amazingness

But in indoor lighting, at just the right angle, it's amazeBALLZ ;o)

I was able to catch some of the mojo outside in some shade too

These polishes are quite thin. I would never even attempt to wear them alone. Mostly because they are so valuable, but also because I hear they take quite a long time to dry, and I think they look fabulous layered. More bang for the buck! I cannot attest to the dry time because I was only swatching. No matter how long they take to dry though, they are worth it! Pin It