Monday, July 25, 2011

Glitter Gal - Fuchsia & Sally Hansen - Pink Rose Diamond

I've got 2 pink holos for you this lovely Monday morning!

The application of this polish was not like other holos. It was a breeze! I didn't even use a base coat for these swatches. I was thoroughly impressed with the formulas and with the products in general.

Glitter Gals come in teensy bottles (9 ml) but it's 9 ml of awesomesauce!

That bottle.. rawr!

Now for Pink Rose Diamond. My only complaint with Prisms in general is that the bottle shape makes them unsteady. Plenty of times I am applying them and I dip my brush and go to scrape off any excess on the inside rim of the bottle to have it teeter and totter on me :S No spilly Prism!

Curses, I thought I had taken 5 shots of this one. I have issues with symmetry.

Anyhoo! Both have fabulous formulas and both have amazing holo flames. Pink Rose Diamond is still available online at (although more than retail) a really reasonable price if you are in the market for a fantastic pink holo. Spit&Polish seal of approval! Pin It


  1. Man I love love love holos! Does Glitter Gals have any that aren't pink?

  2. They do! They actually are in the process of releasing 3 more holos. A white one (zomg) a lilac and a gorgeous dark green. You can see pics if you friend them on facebook. Just do a search for Glitter Gal! I know they have more than just pink and the new ones though.. just drawing a blank atm!

  3. So glad I got you ones with the bling lids instead of the plain black boring ones - suits you :D