Sunday, July 24, 2011

Inglot 205

I got this amazing little darling from an amazing little darling I know down in Oz. A dear friend of mine who runs a little blog called Shatter Me Claire.

Here are 2 coats over top of 1 coat of W&W Black Creme.

The bottle is pretty small but there are a LOT of flakies packed in there. I need ALL of the other ones now. Amazing.

Here it is in full sun

Here are a couple taken indoors (I apologize for the blur in the second pic.. and now I feel like listening to some Blur)

It predominantly flashes from green to gold/orange but as you can see it totally does flash teal/blue. I got several compliments on this one. One of my friends even said it was the best mani she had ever seen on me!

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  1. OMG!!! I love this... It reminds me of Nubar 2010 and GOSH Rainbow! But this appears to have more green in it!

  2. wow i was definitely not expecting it to be that in your face!! This is definitely going on my WL immediately :)

  3. It's very similar to Nubar 2010 for sure but the flakies are much bigger and much more densely packed.

    Yeah as I was putting it on I started grinning and laughing because I was so surprised with how freaking crazy it looked! I instantly went and put all the other Inglot flakies on my wishlist ;o)

  4. Holy Hanna-ballzanna... that is amazingness!
    I gave you an award on my blog if you are interested. ♥

  5. ♥ ;) Knew you'd love it!! I shall endevour to find more :D