Monday, September 19, 2011

Cover Girl - Mystic Peacock + Love & Beauty - Blue/Green

Cover Girl Mystic Peacock is a shimmery teal in a blackened base. It reminds me a bit of Barielle Blackened Bleu. It was fairly sheer but this is 3 coats which built up nicely. No topcoat.



I then added Love & Beauty Blue/Green on top (thanks Amy!)


Aaand back outdoors.

It was really hard to catch the duochrome on camera. Blue/Green is amazing! A true duochrome it is very very sheer. This is 2 coats over top of Mystic Peacock. It flashes between blue, teal/green and pink. It is gorgeous! I imagine it would look good over most dark colours. In the sun (which was incredibly fleeting on swatch day and for days to come I imagine) it is a foily awesome blue/teal. It does not get all spangly duochromey in the sun. The sun is not the best friend of duochromes I find, which is why I am ok that the fall is upon us! Holos for summer, duos for fall and Reece is a happy girl :) Pin It