Sunday, September 18, 2011

China Glaze - No Name Yet

I like this one. It does not know if it wants to be blue or grey or purple.. blugreyple?

This is 3 coats with no topcoat. It was quite thin. I couldn't think of what to layer over it.. any suggestions? Pin It


  1. wow, this is a lot more blue-grey than it looks in the bottle O.o color-wise, how would you say it compares to Modern Grace? You should put Sapphire Sparkle over it :O

  2. Moxie - I know right? It looked way more periwinkle in the bottle. It might just be the lighting? Overcast :| I would say that modern grace is way more purple but I would need to swatch them side by side.. Ooh sapphire sparkle good call!

    Thanks Kristy :o) <3

  3. Such a fun name for a polish! Maybe some gold or silver glitter? That's a tough one!