Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dark & Glittery! China Glaze - Meteor Shower & Skyscraper

These are both beautiful. Do love!

This is skyscraper. 3 coats? Not too chunky. No topcoat here. Sorry for my messy pics. I had been swatching a lot and there were glitter herpes everywhere.

Meteor shower. I adore you! Dark and vampy blue jelly base with many square glitters of rainbow awesomesauce. 2 coats no top. Maybe 3 coats? I should really write this down if I am not posting on the same day.

The weather blows today. Perfect for duos! Perhaps today will be a duo swatching day ;o) Pin It


  1. I have never heard of Meteor Shower! Love that one!

  2. woot! Glad you're happy with both of these <3 they look lovely ona!