Sunday, September 11, 2011

Nfu-Oh 50 and various combinations therewith!

Once upon a time I went to Edmonton. It was my very first flight! Trufax!

Miss Moxie was a most gracious hostess. Here are her lovely nails!

Sparitual Health Wealth & Happiness

Aaand then a layer of OPI DS Royal

AaaaAaaand then a layer of Nfu-Oh 50!

And here are my grubby paws sporting Revlon Modern Grace & Nfu-Oh 50

Hmm it almost looks matte!

I had an amazing time and I have a lot more swatching to do with the spoils of my trip! Pin It


  1. such gorgeous polishes & photo's

  2. You pick such perfect complementary colours to layer. Beautiful.

  3. Aww shucks you guys are too sweet ;o)

  4. Stunning!!! NFU OH 50 is on my to buy list for the next time I order. And now I want even more!

    PS: So glad I found your blog! I love all your posts on MUA and now I will be following your blog for sure.

  5. oooh your pics make my nails look so pretty haha :D *steals camera*