Sunday, November 20, 2011

China Glaze - Eye Candy

Hello! I have some glitter for you :)

I was really crap about swatching these. I have the time crunch going on, and I don't really know what these are going to look like until I upload them. Again, I apologize for stray fluffs, stray glitter, wonky cleanup etc. I was not consistant. Some of these are swatched over another colour. I will mention that. Some also have topcoat on them while some do not. Anyhoo! Onward and upwards.

I bought this specifically to go underneath Blonde Bombshell. I didn't have a yellow gold like this one. I really do not love it, but it serves its purpose. This is 3 coats no topcoat. It is a yellow gold with silver glitter randomly throughout which you would not notice unless you looked with macro eyes.

Champagne Bubbles

This is 1 coat of Blonde Bombshell over Champagne Bubbles. I think layering most of these polishes is the way to go. They need 3 coats for opacity for the most part, or you can put 1 coat over a base colour and have far easier removal.

Blonde Bombshell

This is 3 coats. Teensy wee black microglitter with bigger holo glitter. I did put topcoat on this one. Gritteh.

Some Like It Haute

3 coats. I don't think I put topcoat on this one. Not sure exactly what is going on with my fingers in these pics.. This was not the last polish I swatched! Fingers are looking haggard either way ;)

Material Girl

Lorelei's Tiara. I love this one. The first 2 pictures are 3 coats no base coat no topcoat. The last picture is 1 coat over Billie Silver which is a standard silver foil. It also includes an accent nail of Orly Stone Cold which in hindsight I should have topped with Absolutely Alice.

This one I popped over Sapphire In The Snow. I do not know why I bother putting that one back in the box. I use it under everything! Need.. backup.. 1 coat no top coat in these shots.

Marry A Millionaire

Last but not least I have Love Marilyn. This is 3 coats. No base coat. I think I used topcoat.

Love Marilyn

Here is a comp for Ataractic. This is 3 coats each of Gettin' Miss Piggy With It and Love Marilyn. Similar but not at all the same. Also, GMPWI is far less opaque, definitely a layering polish.

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  1. Thx for the comps. I think I'll choose to get Love Marilyn instead of GMPWI :)

  2. woah! you have too many red glitters missy! (JK) I don't know why I am not digging China Glaze this year, I really love your swatches, yet nothing is calling my name.

  3. make me lemm things! <3 that LT mani w/ the Stone Cold accent!

  4. Holy fudge - I NEEEEED Lorelai's Tiara! Ah-maze-ing!