Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Revlon - Mistletoe

I noticed that there were some new Revlons out. I also noticed that they were on sale for $3.99 which is the absolute most I can make myself pay for a Revlon polish. Not that they aren't good polishes. I just cannot pay more than 4 dollars for them.

This was 2 coats + SV. It could have been done in 1 careful coat. This polish was a bit thick to work with. Went on fairly easy though. No complaints really.

Sorry for the blur. I was trying desperately to get some pictures taken in between doing my eye makeup and getting dressed. This lack of light is killing me. I either have to do all my swatching on the weekend.. or try and squeeze it in between things in my already time crunched morning. I really need to get a light. Pin It


  1. i love when polish's names dont match their color, at all. this is one of them. but i think my favorite is the sinful colors cloud 9, which is a shimmery/glass flecked ORANGE. wtf!

    your swatches are gorgeous!!

  2. also, im not sure if youre on the east coast or not, but if you're ever at a Harmon's, revlons are always $3.59!

  3. I am in Canada on the West coast. We have no Harmon's :(