Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ask - Revival Nail Polish Remover

Okay so yeah.  I am in love with this remover.

Here are the reasons why I love:

1. It smells amazing.  I cannot exactly pin down the scent.  I would describe it as being fresh and botanical?

2. When I use it, my nails actually feel better than they did before I used it.  It leaves an oil behind that I just rubbed in like I would any cuticle oil.  My nails felt and looked hydrated and happy.

3. It works really well.  A small amount removes the polish from several nails.  I used 1 splash to remove the polish from 4 nails.  If I had more polish on, I would have been able to probably remove more!  Unfortunately, I was just swatching so I only had 4 fingers to remove.

I also used it to foil off like 8 layers of polish including 2 x base, 3 x top and a whole whack of glitter.  Other people have said that they have been able to use regular acetone base polish perfectly for foiling, but I have not experienced this.  For me I have to use pure acetone, and then my nails look rough when I'm done.  Foiling with this stuff is like a little spa for your nails that happens to also remove glitter like crazy!

I used it to remove a similar layering fiasco sans foil this morning.  I used Revival on one hand and Onyx on the other.  The revival hand did not take as much remover or as much time and rubbing.  My nails were hydrated and happy at the end.  The hand with the Onyx took a lot more remover, time and rubbing.  My nails were dry and unhappy at the end.

Here are the ingredients.

I checked the back of my Onyx remover and the second ingredient is water.  That might explain why you have to use so much more.

I also used it to remove that polish you see in the picture above (one of the China Glaze Prismatics over black) and it was fantastic.  I swatched all 6 of the Prismatics that way and alternated using Onyx and Revival.  The Onyx would not get out that stubborn black that gets lodged in all the crevices and adheres to any very dry skin.  The revival had no problems with this.  It did not just smear the polish around and have it stain up my skin.  It took it off fast and well.

The one drawback to this product is the price which may be a limiting factor for some people.  It costs $14 dollars a bottle.  International and American shipping is flat rate at $7.50 for the US and $15 internationally.  If Americans buy through QVC the price is $21 for 2 bottles.  Prices are $14 each or $25 for 2 for Canadians ordering through the Ask website.  Shipping for Canadians is a flat rate of $7.50 as well.

I think it would be advantageous for this company to bust out some promo codes or free shipping to get people more motivated to try this product which I think is stellar.

I adore this remover.  I do plan to purchase more for when my current bottle runs out.

You can purchase Ask Revival nail polish remover from the Ask website or if you are in the states you may want to purchase through the QVC website

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  1. "and other ingredients" ... LOL, secrets!?

    Since I have allergies, these kinds of statements annoy me. It requires more work on my part to contact the company *hmf*.

    Balls! $14/4oz. And I thought Zoya was expensive. O.o

    1. lol I didn't even notice that! I was meaning to ask you about your opinion of the ingredients actually. I suppose it is hard to formulate said opinion when they are so vague o.O

      I spoke to the woman who sent me these and pointed her in your direction for a more thorough and fabulous review lady. Unsure if she will contact you, but I hope she does because your opinion in these matters is pretty much the be all end all!

    2. I welcome her contact.

      In the mean time ... here's to wishing there are some gold, or better yet platinum, particles in there!

  2. Ooh - sounds divine!! I'm over stinky remover that isn't nice to my hands!

  3. What a wonderful review,Reeces.I found your blog from seeing your comment on Lisa's nail care blog. I like what you said about being able to remove the glitters with the foil method.I have had a hard time with both acetone and non-acetone polish removers,as they both leave my nails feeling and looking "rough" after foil remover.