Monday, July 9, 2012

Rainbow Honey - A Little Kindness

Someone got her Equestria Collection in the mail recently!

Prettiest boxes ever!

Super cute top shot.

Yes thank you. I love lids with labels so that I know what is in the Val Helmer!

Oh hello bottle shot in the shade.  Do you see the pink shimmer? Of course you do.

One coat over top of Picture Polish Coral Reef in the shade (heart you Sarah!)


One coat over a Barielle gold foil that I do not remember the name of and am too lazy to get up and inspect.  I will fish it out if anyone asks ;)

I am in love with this polish. Totally love. Man I need to get my swatching butt in gear! I have a bunch more HARE polish to share with you, but I swatched them all and hated every pic and now I need to reswatch :\ Anyhoo, thanks for looking. Don't forget to enter my giveaway! 5 days left! Pin It


  1. Ohhh I got mine today too! Yes I agree the bottles and the boxes are just so cute. It makes you not even want to open them :)

  2. Super cute packaging, kinda wish I had bought the full size bottles

  3. Lucky girl!
    I just found your blog btw, and wanted to say hi. So hi! :)

  4. ohhhhh why hello there, A Little Kindness!!! *drools* These are lovely!!

  5. Love RH! I got my collection not too long ago and the packaging is awesome!

  6. Val Helmer! HAH. Practically spit my tea out when drinking that. I love it. Just found your blog- so happy I did!