Sunday, July 15, 2012

OPI Peel me a Gobi Grape

Here is something that some amazing friends gifted me. Something that I had been wanting for a LONG time. I had appropriately dubbed it, Peel me a GOD DAMN Gobi Grape. Named as such from my frustration of not being able to acquire it at that point ;)

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  1. This OPI is just gorgeous! I'm glad you finally got your hands on it.

  2. Wow this polish is a stunner! I've never heard of it before but I love it! Hahaha and I know how you feel about lemmings like these. Just dying to get your hands on them and looking at swatches only adds to the frustration.

  3. woot, congrats to the giveaway winner! \o/

    PMaGGG looks so fab on you, as predicted ;) Your gorgeous pics of it make me want to run home and slap it on right now, but I must conserve the precioussss!