Wednesday, July 11, 2012

HARE - Star Tropics and Asteroid Turf

HARE are going to be on llarowe!!!

I think we all know I love me some HARE.  I keep trying to swatch these and failing miserably.  Not because there is anything wrong with the polishes, I just keep thinking that my pictures are totally going to look awesome and then I upload them and they are mostly bunkz0rz :\

I am not 100% happy with these, but here you go.

Star Tropics.  1 coat over GOSH OMG Cobalt Blue.  No topcoat.

mmm janky blue cuticles.

How can you not love squishy squares?  This polish is amazing and a testament to something that Nikole does very well.  She can take something seemingly so simple, and make it something so multidimensional.  With multiple coats you can create so much depth.  The colour layers over the silver glitter making the initial coats progressively darker than the last.  Very fabulous.  This one reminds me of the following:

Here is Asteroid Turf.  1 coat over OPI Greenwich Green.  No topcoat.

Oh hai random hair!

This is another simple stunner.  Because this polish is so uncluttered and the colours are so opposite, it really obviously pops on the nail, even from a fair distance.  So many fabulous polishes are lost when at arms length from the eyes.

I hope that HARE being sold on Llarowe means that more of you ladies will get to enjoy some!  Nikole indicated on the HARE facebook page that she does plan to keep stocking her etsy store.

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  1. HAHAHA OMG ERR!! I own the Danger Doom album because I used to watch that show all the time.

  2. this post is so awesome if for nothing more than the simple fact that you put Err in it and he is the most awesomest animated thingamajig ever!

  3. OMG ATHF unite! I am so freaking excited I found your blog! I love this freaking show and I love HARE polishes too! I can't wait for my pre-order to arrive. I got the whole set except asteroid turf (sadly cartjacked)! But you better believe I'll be picking up more! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. These both look great on you

  5. Oh man, I can't wait! Im in love with asteroid turf! Looks fantastic :)

  6. lol @ Mooninites. I hates ATHF, but I love me those mooninites. "Say 'here', which we will understand to be short for 'Here I am, rock you like a hurricane' because Scorpion rocks your world."

    The second one looks like 8-bit trees in a Nintendo Game. As a geek, I totally dig it. The first one looks like 8 bit water. Nice.

  7. Star Tropics! Wow looks amazing!!!

  8. pretty pretty pretty. <3 the mooninites!

  9. Asteroid Turf looks soooo cool. Good choice going with Greenwich Villiage!

  10. Are you kidding me??? Those are great pictures. Love the colours. Application looks great! ;o)

  11. Awesome post- and I'll be trying to get my hands on Astroid Turf for sure when Llarowe goes live with the collection. Thank you for the swatches!