Thursday, September 6, 2012

Coupla Randoms

Okay so both of these were spur of the moment.  Neither were cleaned up so whatever.

Rainbow Honey - The Worst Possible Thing over China Glaze Aquadelic

BTW I used Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food over top of TWPT and yeah.. glassiest smoothest awesomeness ever.  Must have 80 bajillion more bottles.

It's like pink, teal, tiny holo, bigger holo, flakies and pink shimmer.. it really pops best over black but shiz.  This is a bottle of fabulous for srs over anything.

Up next is Picture Polish Mirage.  I have one complaint about the label.  I will leave it up to your cunning vision to establish what it is that I found irritating.  1 coat over the following:

Pointer - Revlon Top Speed Pink Lingerie.. I think?
Middle - Essie Buy me a Cameo
Ring - China Glaze Aquadelic
Pinky - Essie Blue Rhapsody

This polish is a bit too opaque for layering.  I thinned it just a tiny bit.  I like how it looks though!  I quite like it over pink.  It shifts from greeny tealish kinda to a pink.  A tiny bit brushstrokey when layered, I haven't tried it on its lonesome yet though.  I don't know that it was meant for layering.  I still love it.  I am intrigued to try it alone.  I imagine I would be pleased with the formula when not layering it. Pin It


  1. Your RH mani is stunning

    I like Mirage over Aquadelic best

  2. Haha do you think "it's a illusion" is just being ironic/silly? But I'm betting that's what annoyed you.
    I agree with Kristy though, it's a stunning mani :-D

  3. asdfjkl; the biggest turn off for me is poor grammar or misspelled words on packaging. I cannot STAND it. LUSH is totally guilty of this and it always bugged the crap out of me. (yes literally even too)

  4. sighhhh I want TWPT quite badly and you're not helping, missy! ;) Love the mani though! My inner grammar Nazi is cringing so hard at that typo...ughhhhhh.

  5. TWPT is one of the most amazing glitter polishes I own. Love it!