Sunday, October 21, 2012

ManGlaze - ILF + CrowsToes - I Make the Path

This is my last ManGlaze instalment until I get more ManGlaze, alternately, until I do another ManGlaze mani with my existing ManGlaze.

I just want to take a minute to pay some respect to the bottles.
1) Square.
2) Fabulous bottle art.
3) Label on the top of the frigging bottle.

I have quite enjoyed the formula on all of these.  It dries fast, but not so fast that you can't work with it a little if you bork it a bit.  I definitely must purchase more.  I will save up like a Responsible Adult.


2 coats ILF

I added 1 coat of CrowsToes I Make the Path (adore) no topcoat.

I then put one coat of an American Apparel Sheer that I do not think has a name.. but is green. LOVE!

Much respect to the kitty who gifted this to me *pets*

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  1. That's a really cool polish!
    I've only got one Manglaze, but at some point I hope to get my hands on more :)

    1. We must both get more! I must have them ALL *cackles*

  2. So, now I know I NEED ILF. Thank you :). I have two and that's not nearly enough! I couldn't love this mani more if I tried. Great combo!

  3. oooh damn, adore this mani! Thanks for the lemmings, bish haha <3 I need to find me those AA jellehs STAT!

  4. OMG., dude., i am so in lust with manglaze.

    what do you wear under them? they tend to be stainy bishes on me but i love them anyway :)

    1. I use a UV gel polish base coat which ManGlaze has yet to stain. If it does, I just file it down ;)