Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rainbow Honey - The Yokai Collection - Kitsune

I have to leave for work in 3 minutes.  Actually, I should have left 2 hours and 3 minutes ago.  Sorry that these pics are indoors.  I do prefer natural light.

The lines are freehanded (obviously) with stripers.  They are a little gimpy, but whatevz!  Taken in various indoor lighting.  2 coats with 1 coat Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food and 1 coat SV.  Kitsune is a touch gritty so it does need that extra layer of something before the SV IMHO.

Kitsune, the magical white fox.

Yay! I need to learn some new hand poses.  I also need to moisturize my hands before I take pictures *squints*.  Kitsune has a wicked golden shimmer that is not hidden.  It is all the colours of fall.  Fabulous.  It looks a bit like creme brulee to me.  I love it!  I was most excited about this one.  I am stoked to swatch the other two though ;)

Kitsune can be purchased at Rainbow Honey for $10 per bottle.  I love the Rainbow Honey bottles and boxes.  Super professional looking for an "indie".

These were provided for review. Pin It


  1. the orange stripe is a perfect accent, how kitsune-ish!
    I'm a bit surprised, I didn't really like the others from the same collection, but Kitsune is really starting to grow on me :D

    1. Hey! We need to get together at some point so I can give you your FF ;) I need a new lemony flutter, but I am broke like a joke! Perhaps in a few weeks?

  2. Kitsune is amazing and you did a great job ;)