Monday, October 29, 2012

OPI - GoldenEye vs. Orly - Glitz and Glamour

I was instantly enamoured with GoldenEye.  I have been on the gold train lately! CHOO CHOO.  Glitz and Glamour has been my absolutely favourite gold for some time now.  When I saw GoldenEye I thought that they were quite similar, and I was not wrong, but they are not dupes.

Both GoldenEye and Glitz and Glamour are particulate gold foils, GoldenEye much more so.  Glitz and Glamour is much more dense and requires less coats.  Glitz and Glamour is also a lot more warm toned to my eye.

I haz been playing with some of my golds this weekend..

Anyhoo!  Here we have GoldenEye and Glitz & Glamour at 1 coat each.  I will take this time to warn you that cleanup with these bitches is, well, a bitch.  If you don't do it immediately after polishing, the polish starts to set and it will pull as you clean it up (I experienced this).  If you wait too long, you will be sitting there for an hour essentially just moving the particles from ON your nail to AROUND your nail and on your skin (I also experienced this).

GoldenEye is on the pointer and ring.  As you can see, it is far less dense.

Here they are at 2 coats each.  This is a horrible picture, but you get the idea that even at 2 coats GoldenEye has not reached his full potential.  Glitz and Glamour is shining bright on 2 coats though.

Here we have Glitz and Glamour holding strong at 2 coats with GoldenEye at 3 coats and probably needing 4.

So as you can see they are not dupes.  They are very similar though.  Glitz and Glamour leans a bit more yellow/warmer to my eye.

I decided to try out some crack I have been sitting on, no pun intended.  I bought this Bourjois Python crack from Shoppers the other day.  I spent something obscene like $10 bucks on it.  I am obviously going to need to play around with it for a bit as it does not look like snakeskin to me.  I think it cracks bigger over wetter polish.  I didn't wait for this stuff to dry 100%.  I actually screwed up the pinky and had to redo it so that one is the wettest, and it cracked the biggest.  The pointer had the thinnest coat, and it was the one that cracked the finest.. must fiddle.

What I do like about this crack is that it is a jelly.  It looks like a candy apple almost over these golds.

I need to suck it up and go get that Dior croc crack if it's even still being sold.  Yeah yeah I still like crack.  I wear it once in a blue frigging moon though.  The above is without topcoat by the way.  It could have used a few layers :\ Pin It


  1. curses! You just made me lemm G&G and I am buying Goldeneye tomorrow lol. ;)

  2. Thank you for that comp! I will resist the OPI and tell myself G&G is good enough ... *repeats*

    1. G&G is a richer colour, but the OPI is just a teensy tinch blingier ;)

  3. this post was right on time for me, thank you! I was interested in both the Orly and the OPI gold and now I know the Orly is for me. Appreciate the comp! <3

    1. The Orly has a special place in my cold black herat <3 Thanks for looking!