Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rainbow Honey - Oni

Oni is so rich and pretty.  It just reeks of fall to me.

2 coats no topcoat.

I decided to try some layering combinations.  From left to right: NYX Gilded Glitter, Lippmann Boom Boom Pow, ChG Cleopatra and OPI GoldenEye.  All are 1 coat with no topcoat.

Here are some random single finger shots that look kind of creepy to me.

Gilded Glitter

 Boom Boom Pow


Boom Boom Pow


Gilded Glitter.  This picture looks so gross to me near the cuticle :|

GoldenEye.  I could have gone a little less dense, I think the coat was too thick.

Oni was provided for review.
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  1. Great idea on the layering! I love ONI as well, and really think the gold compliments it! Gorgeous work :)