Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pretty Serious - Monster Mash and Emma Louise

Okay so this entire collection is fabulous.  All but Viscous Vampire were good at 2 coats.  Some were a bit on the thicker side, but not unmanageably so.  They are close on 1 coaters so the thickness is not unwelcome.  These pictures were taken over several days in several lightings.  I could not get the weather or my camera/eyes to cooperate.  I reswatched them a few times, and I am still not entirely satisfied.

Onwards and upwards!

Emma Louise - 2 coats.  She did not want to cooperate with my camera.  Alternately, my camera did not want to cooperate with her.  Purple jelly with green and purple glitter and a fabulous shimmer.

Emma Louise was designed by Emma for her 30th birthday.  Limited number produced (I got 161/300). With 5 dollars from each bottle going to the Cancer Council of New South Wales.

Now let's do the mash.  Let's do the Monster Mash.. collection.

Creature Crush 2 coats.  I didn't see that blatant baldspot until I was labelling and cropping.  Go team useless eyeballs! *books appointment with eye doc*

Black jelly base with lots of small silver glitter and bigger holo hexes.

Gargoyle Ganache 2 coats. I am posting 7 pictures of this and still don't feel like I've captured it properly.  It's sort of a gunmetal grey with a slight duochrome.  It is also full of many different coloured particles.. I have nothing else like it in my collection.

Oh how I love thee Liquid Leprechaun. 2 coats. Gorgeous.

I couldn't help myself, I had to throw CrowsToes Jingle Balls on top.  They were meant for each other.  A melding of holidays! *wipes away a single tear* may the pagans and the Christians rejoice.

Mummy Mush 2 coats.  LOVE.  ADORE.  If you like China Glaze Whitecap or SpaRitual Alchemy you will love this.  It is their pinky peachier shifting green to teal cousin.  Love.

Apparently I only took 2 decent pictures of it on its own.

This is 1 coat over Chanel June.  Love.

I tried it over black, but it didn't want to party that way.

Okay Poltergeist Puddle caused my camera to shit a sideways brick.  Here are a few pictures of what looks NOTHING like the actual polish.  It's really just like.. the best most purpleist purple with a bit of something else.. like someone spiked the purple shimmer punch.  Love it. 2 coats.

And then my camera had a seizure of purple joy. Enjoy the blur, just for you ladies *winks*

Viscous Vampire 2 coats and then 3 coats.  It was happier at 3 coats. I love this polish.  Red jelly squish  full of glittery goodness *dreamy sigh*

So let me take a minute to love the boxes these come in.

Name on top!

Super cute box art in HOLO BOX. Fits nicely in Helmer Fudd.

Peek-a-boo polish window! Also HOLO BOX??!

I pretty seriously love Pretty Serious.  You can buy them on their website.  Go do that now. Pin It


  1. Spectacular shots & love the commentary

  2. Oh hell yeah. Stunning! Got em, but not worn them all yet.

  3. Gah, Liquid Leprechaun..get in my stash!!!! Beautiful swatches, as always! ;)