Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Few From Syn Cosmetics

I ordered these back when Syn was having a flash sale.  I think they were 40% off.  They announced it on their Facebook page which you might want to like.  Judging by this message at the top of their site currently "Keep an eye on the Facebook page, most of these are going to be discontinued within the next 2 weeks to bring in bigger and better selections :)" they will likely be having another sale soon.  Also.. it looks like they are bringing in more stock which is fabulous.

Bitter Glitter over Pretty Serious Gargoyle Ganache.  This one wasn't my favourite.  I thought I would like it more.  I need to try it over some pastels methinks.

Here is Black and Blew over ManGlaze Royal Matterimoaning.  I loved this one.

I got decent shots of the bases of these next two so you are looking at them!

Color Club Factory Girl 3 coats

2 coats of Synthetic Ice

Color Club Wild Child 4 coats (surprisingly not too bad to apply said 4 coats)

2 coats of I'm Glowing Home which is kind of like a mashup between Connect the Dots and Ninja Vs. Pirate. I didn't put topcoat on this one.

This was the best picture I got of it glowing in the dark. My nails look totally wonky, but they didn't in the other pics I took.  Sadly yes, this is the BEST picture I got.  Must reswatch.

btw it glows BLUE. Love.

I quite liked these polishes.  As with any chunky glitter they required a bit of manipulation and dabbing, but I didn't find them difficult to apply at all.  Bitter Glitter was a bit low, I would have preferred it be totally full obviously, but it didn't bother me enough to mention it or as for a replacement.  On that note, the customer service was great.  It had been a while and I hadn't gotten my order so I emailed and was taken care of.  They emailed back a while after to make sure I got them as well.  I will be trying this brand again!

You can purchase Syn Cosmetic polishes on their website.  The polishes run from $9.99 to $10.99 (glow in the darks), but keep your eyes peeled on their facebook page for sales. Pin It

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