Monday, November 12, 2012

Adventures of a Mad Scientist Makes Beautiful Things

I'm trying to take some decent pictures of the Pretty Serious Monster Mash collection and Emma Louise.  We shall see.. All I have is indoor lighting to work with and some pretty lacking camera skills. Cross fingers people!  Cross toes..  Cross eyes? In the meantime.. check out this baby!

One of my favourite ladies who dwells over at Adventures of a Mad Scientist made me something gorgeous.  She also made gorgeous earrings, but I did not take their picture yet!

Fantasy Fire necklace *swoon*

I heart you muchly Lauren! <3 Pin It


  1. gah, that is so stunning!!! I am practically salivating over here :D Makes me want to make jewelery and stuff.

  2. that is a stunning necklace & pics

  3. Your necklace looks absolutely stunning! The antique golden colors of the rim fit the colors perfectly. :)