Saturday, December 8, 2012

Not About Nail Polish

I saw this video today, and I thought it was excellent.  I decided to post it here for people to have a peek at.  Maybe not everyone who watches it will have depression, but I guarantee every single one of you will know at least, at LEAST, 1 person in your life who suffers from depression.

If this resonates with you, and you know nothing about mental health, please don't let it stop you from researching other mental health issues.  I am one of those people who thinks that anything should go when it comes to humour, but I hate it when people say "omg this is such a bipolar outfit" etc.  Really? Not that it so much offends me as comes across as incredibly ignorant, and it COULD hurt someone who is bipolar.

This video is an hour long, but you can start it playing and go about your day just listening to it.


I hope this is your gateway into learning more about mental health issues.  They are real.  I know it is easy to judge a person and just say, oh they are lazy etc.  Please make yourselves aware of this incredibly awful epidemic that we as a world as we are facing.

"Depression is as real as real of a biological disorder as is juvenile diabetes, and you don't sit down a diabetic and say 'oh come on what's with this insulin stuff, stop babying yourself.'"

I also wanted to put this out there because I think it's pretty cool, it's $10 bucks, and the shipping is free.

"Net proceeds from the sale of the ring go to Partners for Mental Health, to help raise awareness, change attitudes and improve support for mental health through campaigns like Not Myself Today."

Here is one stupid tiny picture and a few that are more reasonably sized.

I don't know if The Bay ships outside of Canada.  I apologize if you are interested and they do not.

You can purchase this ring here at The Bay where the picture is much larger and quite pretty I must say.  I have ordered a couple, and I am excited for them to arrive!  Aside from experiencing depression personally and amongst those I love, I love jewellery!  I mean come on it's a nice ring for $10 bucks shipped.  Plus, it's LIMITED EDITION!  Eh? Eh? *nudges*

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