Sunday, December 9, 2012

Scherer Chameleon and a Pretty Ring for a Good Cause

Okay so before I post pictures of the Chameleons, do you remember that ring I was talking about during the great depression rant of yesterday?  It came in the mail today!  Here is the down low, the ring is huge.  It is one size fits all, but I have to put it on my fattest finger (index = 9.5) in order for it not to be too loose.  It also takes up almost the entire space between knuckles.  that being said, gorgeous! Pics!

These pictures were all taken within a span of like 3 minutes.  This ring shifts beautifully.  I would almost say it is a multichrome ;)

Okay so enough of the gorgeous ring which is currently a beautiful teal.  The faceting almost makes it look like you are looking into a pristine ocean when it is this colour *stares*

Here are 3 Scherer Chameleon polishes gifted to me by my lovely buddy pal Theo who warned me that they were a bish to work with and frosty.. who wants a frosty duochrome? Absolutely no one that's who.  These weren't so bad though.. well of the 3 one was fairly awful :\  And here it is!

2 coats Blue Frost (yes..) no topcoat so you can see all the frosty goodness.  You can also probably see the bubbling and crappy application.

The colour shift in this one is hardly noticiable.  Do not love.

Onward and upwards!  Here is Calypso 2 coats no topcoat, less frosty.

I would say that this one was the star of the bunch, hence 6 bajillion pictures.  I did put topcoat on this one, still 2 coats.  Apologies for all the wrestler grease, I was just about to wrestle.

Blue Sky

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  1. What's the mani in your ring pic, Speed Reecer? That first polish looks like in belongs in a certain indie line, if you know what I mean...