Thursday, September 26, 2013

CrowsToes Summer Part 1

I was a very happy girl this morning when I checked the mail. In order to save my cuticles crying I am breaking this into bits. Also, I'm sure you have noticed that I take about 60 pictures of each polish. 

This is Misa Phazers on Stunning, 3 coats no topcoat. This is my only Misa polish. I need more. I had ideas that I was going to do my first ever gradient for this mani with a light purple creme. I do not own a light purple creme. Seriously wtf?

 I added 2 coats of Boat Drinks. I want some frigging boat drinks right about now I tell you what. *eyes bottle of Shiraz*... Just need a boat.

Next up we have Tiki Torch. When Lauri first posted pics of this on Facebook I said something like it looked like the jam that a fairy would spread on her toast. I stand by that. This is 3 coats. I let them dry a bit in between.

One Trick Pony *chortles* oh Lauri you crack me up! Also, I agree ;) If that is what you meant.. *whistles* Anyways! I keep thinking of the following:

I had a pony. We all had ponies. My sister had a pony. My cousin had a pony. It was a beautiful pony, and I loved him.

3 coats no topcoat. This is a strong linear holo with pinky purple/green duochrome.

In the soul killing shade.

Indoors to show the green a little bit. Looking jaundiced there fingers.

I do my nails in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet like the classy broad that I am. There is a spider that lives in the corner. I have allowed it to live because for the most part spiders are pretty cool guys that kill things I like less than them; HOWEVER, this dude occasionally feels my vibrations (cue Marky Mark) and comes over to check and see if I am a fly or something. I end up having to have chats with him/her. I am like HEY BUDDY WTF. I LET YOU LIVE YOU CANNOT COME SO CLOSE TO ME UNLESS YOU WISH TO DIE 1000 DEATHS. Then I take my cleanup brush and rap the counter like a freak until he runs back into his corner. Don't fuck around spider.

Last up for today is Me & This Army. Loving it! This is 4 coats, 2 thin and 2 thick. I waited a bit between layers.

In the shade which steals souls.

The shimmer in this is not hidden in the least. It is loud and proud, and I LOVE it.

I have a lot of shit to do tomorrow, so I don't know if I will get any swatching done, but at some point I will swatch more! I also have shit to do on Saturday.. maybe Sunday? Probably Monday.

CrowsToes can be found at Llarowe and other e-tailers that I am too lazy to look up right now. Pin It


  1. This collection is filled with gorgeous polishes. The only one I have is Boat Drinks and I just love it in the bottle. It's so pretty. I can't wait to use it.

  2. I had that same lacking a light purple creme problem when I was trying to do an ombré a while ago. I have one now that came with some other stuff, and I'll never let it go!

  3. Lawd hammercy, these are all so freaking gorgeous!!! <3 *sits on wallet*